What is your Business Portrait saying about you?

When it comes to your digital presence, you have about 6 seconds to captivate your audience. Whether you are generating new business, networking online, or seeking career opportunities, your online headshot will determine if you are worth a look, a click, and possibly a call for engagement. Don’t make a rookie mistake and skip the opportunity to sell yourself through a strong digital presence. By understanding the key principles of digital communication, you can leverage your professional image to effectively market yourself.

1.) Hire a professional photographer that specializes in business portraiture.
Professional photographers that specialize in business portraiture know the details of body awareness, eye contact, and balanced-lighting to optimize your best features. By focusing on the head, face, and shoulders, a corporate headshot offers little opportunity for criticism of your clothing or judgement of your environment. This technique creates clear, natural-looking, industry-appropriate photographs that are suitable for professional social media profiles, corporate marketing materials, and business websites.

Avoid the temptation of using amateur photographed photos for your digital presence. These smartphone quality photos are often taken in distracting environments and show full body poses that do not highlight your best features or are taken out of focus in poor lighting conditions. By hiring a professional photographer that specializes in business portraiture you will make sure you are sending the right message to your audience.

2) Stay current by keeping your business portrait up to date.
Another non-verbal digital communication oversight is the use of outdated corporate head-shots. As an industry leader, you want to promote the image of being progressive and innovative. By maintaining an updated headshot, business professionals can show who they are right now, not an image from 20 years ago when they first began their careers. Updating your business headshots every one or two years will keep you looking fresh in modern hairstyles and fashion trends. As you move up in your career, make sure your business portraiture progresses as well!

3) Personalize your marketing materials with professional headshots.
An easy way to help your audience link a name with a face is through the use of corporate headshots in your marketing materials. In industries where face-to-face communication is essential such as real estate, a high-quality headshot helps personalize a company and their staff. Use headshots in your business website, business cards, newsletters, email blasts and brochures to establish positive connections and let people know who you are. Also, if you are an author or a public speaker, use professional headshots in published magazine articles or on a projected image to serve as a backdrop at speaking engagements. The possibilities for personalizing your marketing strategy are endless, so be creative in connecting with your audience.

4) Use headshots on social media networks to build your brand.
In the fast-changing digital world that we live in, social media profiles are vital in building your business identity. Individuals and companies use social media networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to connect with businesses, attract potential clients, and recruit prospective employees. One of the key components for creating a positive brand image on social media sites is with a polished headshot. The more people see your head-shot on your social media profiles, corporate avatar, intranet profile picture, or blog photo the faster they will associate your image with your brand. So send the message that you are technology savvy and a professional in your field with a headshot that reflects your profession.

Create the strong digital presence you desire with these four digital communication principles and standout above the competition to reach your audience. To view more of our portfolio samples, visit www.MichaelCarrPhotography.com or call now to schedule your professional business portrait session appointment at 713.461.2862.